Reskills EdTech Sdn Bhd

CPD Standard Office Dual Provider ID: PDCD1060

Categories: Business Skills, Communication/Presentation, Leadership and Management, Marketing & Advertising, Personal & Professional Development, Professional Speakers, Sales, Self Employment


ReSkills provide non-stop daily live learning topics covering self-improvement, career enhancement & business entrepreneurship with micro-certification. Learners achieve deeper understanding and mastery of the subject matter because they are able to analyse and apply the lessons learned in deeply engaging, Coach led case studies and role-playing sessions.

Reskills is based on a subscription model, in which users pay a one off yearly subscription fee & access to all our Reskills OnLive classes, OnTheGo, Library & others. Learners now can gain much more value with much lower cost for 365 days of access to unlimited live learning & learning content in our platform.

Accredited Activities:

accredited activities

Who Should Attend:

Young adults from aged 18 to 35 and whichever individual from any age group that is interested in reskilling themselves.

Additional Information:

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