AgileConnex LLC

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 22228

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Voted as Top-5 Best Corporate Training & Coaching Company, AgileConnex LLC is a U.S. based Federally Registered business and the creators of the Certified Agile Transformation Professional (CATP™) Training Program, offered through a 2-Day Virtual Classroom with a certified instructor, or as a self-paced online curriculum which includes the official (CATP™) exam. Specializing in Enterprise Agile Transformation Coaching and Training, AgileConnex LLC offers Consultancy Services, Resources and Special Events, as well as virtual training experiences on demand through its Agile Educate online learning platform.

Accredited Activities:

  • (CATP™) Certified Agile Transformation Professional 2-Day Virtual Classroom w/ Instructor
  • (CATP™) Certified Agile Transformation Professional Online Training Course

Who Should Attend:

The CATP™ course is ideal for Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Agile Coaches already working in Agile organizations seeking to gain a fundamental understanding of the many moving parts of the Enterprise Agile Transformations Journey and lead or support their people more effectively.

The CATP™ is also a good start for independent (non-Agile) Consultants and Coaches interested in offering services within the Enterprise Agile Transformation Services Industry.

Further Information: