Althea UK and Ireland Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21154

Category: Education, Engineering, Health & Safety, Healthcare, Medical, Sales


Althea UK and Ireland Ltd are the leading specialists in the provision of Healthcare Technology Management delivering bespoke solutions to the Healthcare sector, providing Asset management, Procurement, Training, Maintenance, and Governance solutions for their clients.

Althea UK and Ireland Ltd have been operating since 2004 and is part of the Althea Group, the leading global service provider for the healthcare industry.

Accredited Activities:

  • Bio Medical Equipment Electrical Safety Testing
  • Health & Safety within Medical Equipment Technologies
  • Servicing Operating Theatre and Surgical Equipment
  • Servicing Medical Therapeutic Equipment
  • Servicing Cardiovascular Equipment
  • Servicing Physiological Monitoring and Infusion Equipment
  • Introduction to Anaesthetics and Associated Ventilation
  • Managing Medical Equipment
  • Servicing Medical Imaging Equipment
  • New Technology Updates
  • Equipment Care
  • Technical Insight and Manual Handling of Flexible Endoscopes

Who Should Attend:

Clinical technologist and Bio medical engineering staff whom wish to get refresher and or formal accredited training (OCNWMR). The training is delivered in 6 “core” modules allowing students to attend individual elements and to gain accreditation or on completion of all 6 modules,
gain a Level 3 Certificate in Medical Equipment Technologies.

The servicing anaesthetic and ventilation equipment course offers the opportunity to attend an accredited course which aims to introduce those engineers new to anaesthesia and its associated ventilation, whom wish to further their knowledge and confidence in this branch of clinical engineering

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