Ankhil Aspire Consultancy LTD

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 22241

Category: Coaching Programmes & Solutions, Education & Training Centres, Medical


Ankhil Aspire Consultancy LTD is an organisation specialised in providing LAB training for international medical graduates. We operate in the medical education/training for doctors.

Ankhil Aspire Consultancy LTD was founded in the year 2018. We are known for training foreign doctors to smoothly integrate the NHS system. We specifically focus on harnessing communication skills for our clients and have conducted more than 50 courses in the UK and courses international including India, Burma, Egypt, AE, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Turkey.

Our partners in these countries includes:

  • Arlington British Medical Academy (UK)
  • Hexagon Medical Education Centre (Burma)
  • Score Training Centre (Egypt)
  • Dr Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute (Delhi, India)

Accredited Activities:

  • PLAB 2 Course

Who Should Attend:

Our activities are for international doctors who must undergo an exam to be registered in the UK to work as a physician.

Further Information: