Calliance Ltd.

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21754

Category: Education, Learning & Development, Management, Security


International Kidnap & Hostage Incident Management

You know about the challenges of responding to international kidnap or hostage taking in complex and high risk locations.  You understand about duty of care and accountability whether it is for an organisation, an employer or a government.

The Calliance Learning Management System (LMS) is a unique distance learning software application covering the essential tools to provide you with the very best opportunity for a safe and timely resolution.  It is set out from the operational perspective in sixteen modules.

Quality e-Learning enables more personnel to access this invaluable training and allows face to face training to be targeted, if necessary, to a small cadre of specialist negotiators and senior security managers.

Accredited Activities:

  • International Hostage Incident Management

Who Should Attend:

We want to impart the knowledge to crisis managers, nominated negotiators, security advisors, directors of administration and human resources, family liaison, media professionals; indeed all managers with a security responsibility.

The Calliance LMS is intended for bona fide organisations and their employees and is not suitable for private individuals.

Further Information: