Dale Howarth

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: PDCD1035

Category: Business Professionals, Business Skills, CPD Providers, Customer Services, Leadership and Management, Marketing & Advertising, Sales, Self Employment


For over 30 years Dale Howarth has played an important role in supporting and driving the success of many leading businesses and individuals. From new business entrepreneurs to well-known corporate clients, across a broad range of industries.

Dale uses his knowledge and experience to guide and support individuals and their teams who have the ambition, drive and desire to succeed and become the business leaders of tomorrow. His training and education programmes as a Provider of Training Excellence have been described as ‘powerful, practical and motivational’ helping those that take part to develop their skills and overcome barriers to greater success in life and business.

Accredited Activities:

‘Make it Happen’ for new business entrepreneurs, available as:

  • Classroom-based Training Workshop Course
  • ‘Live’ Online Learning Course

Who Should Attend:

  • ‘Make it Happen’ is aimed at anyone considering starting their own business in the near future and wanting to understand how best to approach this and achieve commercial success. In addition to those in pre-start or newly launched businesses. ‘Make it Happen’ is available as both a Classroom-based Training Workshop and ‘Live’ Online Learning course format.
  • No previous business experience or academic achievement is required.   The high-level objective of the course is to provide attendees on and offline with a clear understanding of the requirements when starting a new business and an action plan in relation to this. Including Legal and Procedural requirements, Company Formation, Preparing a Business Plan, Funding, Market Research, How markets develop, Customer Orientation strategies, The Marketing plan, Marketing Regulations, USP and Messaging, Action planning, next steps in business development and more. In addition to improving and acquiring soft-skills in areas such as Integrity, Team-working, Communications and Critical-thinking. A Course Prospectus is available on request or to download from the website.

Further Information: