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CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21706

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David Brice Dog Behaviourist

Canine behaviour modification using non -aversive, positive reinforcement methodology.

David is a fully qualified Companion Animal Practitioner having studied extensively with the Centre for Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE). He is now Head of Canine Behaviour and a tutor for the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT), responsible for preparation and delivery of their behavioural seminars, workshops and accredited online/correspondence courses.

David brings a wealth of experience in adult education, including human learning and development, to the canine behaviour sector. His modules are specific, knowledgeable and current, providing meaningful learning for the busy pet industry professional.

Accredited Activities:

  • Working with Noise Sensitivity and Phobias in Dogs (1 Day Seminar)
  • Separation Anxiety in Dogs (2 Day Seminar)
  • Impulse Control in Dogs(1 Day Seminar)
  • Dog to Human Aggression (2 Day Seminar)
  • Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours in Dogs (1 Day Seminars
  • Resource Guarding in Dogs (2 Day Seminar)
  • The Client Consultation Process and Follow Up Report (2 Day Seminar)

Who Should Attend:

The value of understanding canine behaviour is critical in the pet professional and veterinary community. It is easy to concentrate on a dog’s physical health and not give due consideration to emotional aspects.

Covering the key areas evident within canine behaviour, these courses focus on delivering clear, practical guidance, giving pet and veterinary professionals effective ‘tools’ for use in their daily working environment.

Further Information: