Developed Edge Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21317

Category: Coaching Programmes & Solutions, Communication/Presentation, Education & Training Centres, Personal & Professional Development


At Developed Edge they are committed to:

  • Increasing performance
  • Working with professionalism
  • Acting with warmth and kindness
  • Focusing on positive action
  • Building confidence
  • Demonstrating sincerity
  • Making a difference with a sense of enjoyment

Their board, partners and non-executive advisory committee all have these values in common. It’s why they work together and why they do what they do.

Their philosophy is a simple one. That in working together with a select group of partners they’re able to deliver programmes which make a difference to a wider audience.

And those programmes should not only be of the highest quality, but should focus on impacting skills, knowledge and behaviour. They want to create permanent change and are committed to supporting our clients over the long-run.

They also want to enjoy the journey.

Accredited Activities:

  • Developed Edge Professional Sales Journey (acceleration) Programme
  • Selling Fundamentals

Who Should Attend:

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