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Founded on 24th of June 2017, EventsOcean is an International Event Organizer. Our strong alliance unites professionals of all fields and communication practitioners from universities, cities, science centres, and cultural institutions across the globe. We see us as a knowledge sharing platform, aiming to hasten innovation in scientific and non-scientific fields.

We appreciate that every industry has their own interest; therefore we design events to promote business marketing to generate leads or change the way consumers think of their brand. From locating the ideal venue to designing eye-popping events, our approach always goes back to your communications objectives.

We hope that great opinions and passion are contagious. We are with the communities who consider knowledge as one of the essential track to obtain a better existence on this planet.

Accredited Activities:

  1. 2nd Global Nursing Conference & Expo, Bali, Indonesia.

Who Should Attend:

These  events are designed for the Global professionals to promote the promulgation and application of research findings related to the respective fields. The conference appeals to participants from all prominent universities, research institutions and top companies to share their research wisdom on all aspects of these rapidly expanding fields.

Further Information: