Fraud Business Solutions

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21762

Category: Accountancy, Business Consulting, Business Professionals, Financial Services & Legislation, Governance & Compliance, HR & Recruitment, Law & Legislation, Leadership and Management, Security


Fraud Business Solutions is an Irish registered company, set up in 2017, whose operation and objectives are to provide a suite of advisory and investigatory related products specifically aimed at:

1) diminishing the threat of internal theft/fraud

2) assisting the effectiveness of a company’s fraud strategy approach, which will, in turn

3) assist in the strategic development and protect the assets of that company.

The current product offering ranges from general consultancy/ contractual work to one-on-one or multiple training seminars/events.

Fraud Business Solutions currently has clients in the public and private sectors ranging from medium to large organisations.

Accredited Activities:

  • Internal Fraud & Abuse – the vulnerability, consequence and response- May 2018



Who Should Attend:

The target market for this conference would be Directors, Business Owners Investigators, Auditors, Legal, Compliance and HR  Personnel working in organisations (public and private sector) who are medium to large in structure and who are exposed to the threat of internal fraud & abuse that require professional management and direction of the subject matter.

Further Information: