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Many companies share conflict scenarios that need professional support. For every situation at ICL, we follow a series of steps to establish the root cause of a problem and a variety of proven techniques to bring about a positive result.  Reviewing and assessing a deep-rooted employee concern without the necessary experience and adequate tool set will not remedy a challenging situation.  But with a well-considered program of Mediation, Authentic Leadership, and Modernising of HR policies, as well as essential guidance on how best to apply it, there will be a solution.

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Accredited Activities:

  • Positive Facilitation Skills
  • Accreditation in Workplace Mediation
  • Positive Authentic Leadership
  • Positive Dialogue
  • Positive Performance Dialogue
  • Positive Coaching Skills

Who Should Attend:

The Inspirational Coaching Limited courses are aimed at colleagues who would like to lead teams and resolve conflict at an earlier less formal stage. Acas, produced figures to show how workplace conflict is costing UK organisations an estimated £28.5 billion per year. The courses allow staff to understand underlying theories and then immediately practice their new skills. The benefits are to give leaders and colleagues confidence when conflict arises, lead their teams and how to develop a win/win approach.

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