CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 22188

Category: Accountancy, Administration and PA services, Architecture, Beauty, Business Development, Business Professionals, Charity, Coaching, Communication/Presentation, Consulting, Customer Services, Dentistry, Digital Marketing, Education, Engineering, Event Management, Finance, Governance/Compliance, Government, Health & Safety, Healthcare, HR, IT, Leadership and Management, Learning & Development, Legal, Logistics, Management, Manufacturing, Marketing, Medical, Oil & Gas Industry, Politics, Procurement, Professional Speakers, Project Management, Property, Recruitment, Sales, Science, Security, Social and Care work, Sustainability, Transport, Veterinary



Description: JKPPD partners with individuals and organizations in transforming their lives, careers, and company through strategic personal and professional leadership development workshops and coaching. We offer best practices in effective personal and professional development strategies, as well as leadership training and mentoring. Our motto is to “think like a client and act like a guide”. Clients are our first priority. Visioning, strategic planning, goal setting, goal achievements, and delegating effectively are what we strive for to service clients. Programs are customized according to individual and organizational needs.

Sector: Training & Development and Coaching Industries

Founded: 2008

Unique Qualities & Specific Merits: JKPPD’s services are superior and unique by providing personal and professional development training courses to enhance participants’ personal life and professional performance in correlation with leadership coaching, business coaching, and life coaching.  Research has shown when individual’s personal life is in order they become high performers due to less stress and concerns, as well as when their professional career is productive, effective, and growing their personal life is more meaningful and fruitful.

Work With: Since people are one of the most valuable resources to any organization, learning and coaching are essential development and growth tools required to reduce turnover and increase retention.  JKPPD works with all industries to help employees increase their performance and productivity to allow companies to achieve profitability.

Accredited Activities:

  • Assertiveness and Self-Confidence
  • Leadership & Influence
  • Taking Initiatives
  • Critical Thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence

Who Should Attend:

JKPPD works with all industries to help employees increase in their performance and productivity to allow organizations to achieve profitability.

We provide personal and professional training and development courses and coaching services to help individuals learn and enhance their professional, leadership, and personal competencies to transform attitudes and behaviors necessary to achieve a higher degree of personal and professional success.  Our comprehensive development process contains the three ingredients needed to ensure success: 1) Attitude Development; 2) Behavior Development; and 3) Professional Development.

Development + Application = Effective Results

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