Karin Laudin

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 2115928

Category: Business Professionals, Coaching Programmes & Solutions, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Personal & Professional Development, Psychological Skills


Coaching services are provided by Karin Laudin.

Karin is the director of  Laudin Consulting Limited (company number 9470537).

Karin offers life coaching/personal performance coaching to professionals, particularly those in healthcare. This can be done face to face, by Skype or similar or by telephone. The types of coaching offered include work-life balance, stress management, career focus, managing change, understanding values and awareness of beliefs: how they help or hinder. You will discover how to set goals that are meaningful and how to plan and achieve them.

Accredited Activities:

Karin Laudin is an accredited coach with the CPD Standards Office.

Who Should Attend:

Karin coaches professionals, in particular health care professionals.

Karin coaches individuals who are willing to take responsibility for their lives, who are committed to taking action, who want to be more motivated, who are wanting to understand their values, acknowledge their strengths, manage change , who want to set their direction in life and who are wanting to continue their personal learning and development.

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