Master Trainers Inc.

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21303

Category: Business Professionals, IT & Cyber Security, Personal & Professional Development


Master Trainers Inc.

Sector: Soft Skills Training

The Master Trainers’ program is a 3-day offline course (with 27 days of preparatory work) certifying participants towards becoming facilitators and trainers. It is a unique experiential training offering in India; it has been recently launched and caters to those seeking to enter the niche training market and to upgrade the know-how of those already engaging with it. Master Trainers’ Inc. is an offshoot of Stanley David and Associates, a reputed soft skills training entity which has been in the training space since 2005, having successfully trained thousands of participants across all genres such as the social, corporate, educational, governmental and private sectors.

Accredited Activities:

  • Advanced Faculty Facilitation Skills
  • Campus to Corporate – Industry-Readiness Workshop
  • Smart Managers Workshop

Who Should Attend:

The Master Trainers’ Program has 2 specific target groups:

1. Trainers, who wish to upgrade themselves.

2. Those who wish to enter the training space. This could include teachers, lecturers, entrepreneurs, freelancers and the like.

Further Information: