Matthew’s Hub

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21846

Category: Charity & Voluntary Work, Early Years, Social and Care Work


Matthew’s Hub is a support service for autistic people without a learning disability ages 13 and over, living in Hull or East Riding who have or are waiting for a diagnostic assessment.

We provide advice and support in relation to employment, education, housing, benefits, health and diagnosis.

Autism, A Closer Look

A mixture of autism theory and lived experience, our training explores and debunks many of the myths and misunderstandings surround autism.

Accredited Activities:

Autism, A Closer Look Course Details:

  • Autism, a short introduction to the autism spectrum
  • Communication
  • Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum
  • Do autistic people ‘really’ lack theory of mind?
  • Weak Central Coherence
  • Executive Function Dysfunction
  • Sensory Processing and Autism
  • Autism Stereotypes and Disclosure.

Costing; £460.00 full day or £240 half day

Who Should Attend:

Our training courses are suitable for a wide range of professionals, social care workers and others who come in to contact with or who support autistic people with a diagnosis formally known as high functioning autism or Asperger syndrome across the community.

Further Information: