MindBE Education Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 41173

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MindBE Education Ltd is an education company specialising in helping children thrive through mindfulness, positive psychology and emotional intelligence skill development.

MindBE’s Preschool Mindfulness Curriculum

We offer a fully ready easy to implement curriculum for preschoolers complete with printables.  Delegates will receive CPD accreditation upon successful implementation of this program.  This research-based curriculum promotes children’s peace, mindfulness, focus, empathy, kindness and more.  The program is delivered in quick lessons that make an impact and provide the skills you need.

MindBE’s Preschool Mindfulness Summit

Join us for this annual online summit where you will learn the best practices from  over 35 global experts

Accredited Activities:

  • MindBe Curriculum – Mindfulness for Pre-Schoolers 2-6 Years Old
  • MindBE Pre-School Mindfulness Summit
  • Preschool Neuroscience Summit

Who Should Attend:

The curriculum and summits are designed for a variety of practitioners including classroom preschool teachers, to SEL coordinators, mindfulness teachers who visit different classrooms, school counsellors and teachers running after school programmes. Others who might benefit from this training are homeschooling parents, outside activity providers and studios and social workers or counsellors.

Further Information: