Morsafe Limited

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 60016

Category: Construction & Building Maintenance


Morsafe Limited are a small company established in 2005 that specialise in delivering quality safe systems training for working at heights, confined spaces and petroleum installations and have developed a series of courses and programmes to enable companies to maintain compliance with statutory regulations and procedural requirements. Training can be delivered at our venues based near Peterborough, York or London for individuals or groups, alternatively on your site and systems making for less disruption and a more cost effective training solution with sufficient delegates. Morsafe also have the capability to produce and develop your site specific safety rules and procedures and offer an external authorising, auditing and monitoring role with regards to your safe systems to ensure standards and compliance are being met.

Accredited Activities:

Authorised Person Courses

  • AP05 4 Day Authorised Person (Petroleum)
  • AP05R 3 Day Authorised Person (Petroleum) Refresher
  • AP06 4 Day Authorised Person (Confined Spaces)
  • AP06R 3 Day Authorised Person (Confined Spaces) Refresher
  • AP07 3 Day Authorised Person (Working at Height)
  • HAM ½ Day Hazardous Area Managers Course

Confined Space Courses

  • CS01 ½ Day Confined Space Awareness
  • CS02 1 Day Confined Space Entry Low Risk
  • CS03 2 Day Confined Space Entry Medium Risk
  • CS04 1 Day Confined Space Entry Medium Risk Refresher
  • CS05 3 Day Confined Space Entry High Risk
  • CS06 1 Day Confined Space Entry High Risk Refresher
  • CS07 2 Day Confined Space Rescue and Recovery
  • CS08 ½ Day Confined Space Gas Monitoring
  • CS09 1 or 2 Day Skilled Person Petroleum (MoD) Tank Entry
  • CS10 2 Day Management of Confined Space Operations

Height Safety Courses

  • HS01 ½ Day Working at Height Awareness
  • HS02 ½ Day Use of Portable Ladders & Stepladders
  • HS03 1 Day Rooftop Safety
  • HS04 1 Day Occasional Climber
  • HS05 2 Day Skilled/Advanced Climber
  • HS06 1 Day Skilled/Advanced Climber Refresher
  • HS07 1 Day Rescue and Recovery from Height
  • HS08 1 Day Rigging & Light Lifting
  • HS09 2 Day Basic Rope Access Techniques
  • HS10 ½ Day Radio Frequencies (RF) Awareness
  • HS11 1 Day Inspection of WaH PPE & FPE
  • HS12 1 Day Management of Working at Height Activities

Who Should Attend:

Morsafe courses are aimed at everyone in Construction or Facilities Management that requires a level of training in Confined Spaces or Working at Height from awareness to management of safe systems.  We currently work with a variety of clients including the MoD and its subcontractors, NHS and large utility organisations who have to comply with legislation and procedural requirements.

Further Information: