My Pocket Coach

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21601

Category: Accountancy, Business Development, Business Professionals, Construction, Engineering, Government, Leadership and Management, Learning & Development, Legal, Management, Sales, Transport


MyPocketCoach is a Training Provider that specialises in helping Leaders who want training that sticks.

90Day Manager2Coach has been designed as a tool that delivers daily & weekly: reminders, measures and coaching to a business. The results are: managers who are able to self-coach, understand challenges that were previously in their blindspot and communicate & lead at a higher level.

At the end of the 90Days there is an ongoing Maintenance programme which includes monthly visits to see how tools are being used & online groups to provide support, new results and continued learning, even without a coach present.

Along with CPD accreditation (equivalent 360 points); MyPocketCoach is an Associate of the Institute of Leadership & Management and a member of the International Coach Federation

Accredited Activities:

  • Process4Success: 90 Day Manger2Coach

Who Should Attend:

  • Activity for: Leaders & Senior Managers who use personal development as a tool for business growth and performance.They will be looking for a Training Course “that sticks” to the business, and more importantly, develops the managers & their teams each month, even after the 90days is complete.

Further Information: