Natural Fertility UK

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21535

Category: Child Centred, Coaching, Communication/Presentation, Healthcare, Medical, Personal Development, Science, Social and Care work


Natural Fertility UK was established by founder Michelle Mulliss MSc a leading natural Women’s health and fertility expert who has had great success with natural and assisted fertility and pregnancy outcomes. Using an integrated approach that includes western and complimentary medicine approaches to improve fertility outcomes. Michelle is in partnership with some of the UKs leading fertility experts and brings together Natural Fertility UK who are a team of highly skilled and qualified natural fertility experts from their own medical disciplines for a collaborative approach to provide world class services and quality of care that you would expect from the world’s leading natural fertility specialists.

The collaboration provides knowledge, education and clinical skills to professionals through training courses, seminars and continuous personal development across all disciplines and uses up to date research and outward thinking for a truly integrated approach to help treat an ever increasing problem of infertility.

Accredited Activities:

  • Understanding Female Reproduction
  • Reproduction: An Integrative Approach To Infertility
  • Reproduction: Natural Approach To Infertility
  • Managing Menopause With Natural Treatments
  • Nutritional Benefits For Reproductive Health And Pregnancy
  • Stress And Reproduction

Who Should Attend:

These courses are designed for general public as well as trained professionals wanting to develop their knowledge and skills in the area of women’s health, Reproduction, Menopause and Pregnancy

Further Information: