Peak Performance and Potential Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 22167

Category: Coaching Programmes & Solutions, Management, Professional Speakers


Peak Performance and Potential is a leadership development and coaching company that offers five key leadership solutions to create highly productive, action-oriented, and inspirational leaders.

The PEAK programme consists of a series of tailored self-awareness workshops and coaching sessions designed to make leaders and employees more productive and engaged, thus increasing customer, client and colleague satisfaction…a genuine win/win!

Simon Rickman created the PEAK Programme to build on the leadership and development experience he has successfully amassed over his 37-year career. He works across multiple industries as the solutions are market agnostic. He has a particular interest in working with high-potential, mid-management and new managers…

Accredited Activities:

  • The 7 Habits for Highly Effective Professionals
  • Getting the Best Out of Others
  • Creating Highly Effective Teams
  • Self-Belief for Peak Performance

Who Should Attend:

  • Participants: individuals at any level, either as part of a group, with their own work team, or on a 1-2-1 basis
  • Duration: the workshops can be run over a full day, half-day or 1.5 hours in a face-to-face workshop or online in the form of a webinar
  • Process: participants are encouraged to interact either through discussions, exercises, in order to demonstrate a level of understanding of the material. Courses are focused on the workplace, and participants are required to apply the skills to their own environment either as an individual, part of their team or part of the organisation as a whole

Further Information: