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In April 2015, I started my very first book publishing coaching program. I focused on helping authors write, publish and launch their books. I had always wanted to publish my very own books and I made so many mistakes when I first got started. I am sure you can relate…

I didn’t know the publishing process.

I didn’t know how to sell myself online.

I didn’t know how to get people to my events.

I also did not know how to market myself to the news stations and radio.

So, to me it was important to share what I had learned and make sure that aspiring authors didn’t make the same mistakes I did.

The coaching part was easy however, I quickly learned that I did not have the bandwidth to support as many authors as I wanted to from a one-to-one perspective. I was still working for Corporate America and I knew that something had to change.

Accredited Activities:

  • Book Publishing Academy
  • Published Authors Mastery

Who Should Attend:

Aspiring authors who want to publish their books.

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