CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21367

Category: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals


RESILO was developed in Harley Street and is a new holistic way to a pain free body. It delivers new motion to gently destress and de-age damaged tissues. It was discovered that injured body cells shut down proportional to the degree of impact; causing the cells to change their normal operation, becoming unseen and unfelt, bringing about malfunction, only functioning again if they resile (go back to their original state). Such shut down areas over-protect and cause uneven wear & tear, considerably reducing the body’s aliveness. RESILO uniquely stimulates the Resilo Reflex, encouraging the tissues to spring back into function, working directly on what causes the pain – the physical stress and strain locked in the body tissues.

RESILO recently celebrated its 32nd Birthday

Accredited Activities:

  • RESILO Level 1 – Remedial course

Who Should Attend:

The course is for anyone in the health sector or sports sciences.

Practitioners, chiropractors, osteopaths, masseuse, physiotherapists, doctors, nurses, carers.

Are welcome to the College, Clinic & Archive at Wealden House.

Further Information: