Tarigo Product Management

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21699

Category: Business Professionals, Business Skills, Communication/Presentation, Leadership and Management, Management, Marketing & Advertising


We have 14 years’ specialist product management & product marketing training and consultancy experience for blue-chip, mid-market and start-up companies.

Our training and consultancy professionals all bring extensive real-world expertise which enables us to provide flexibility to optimise product management for your particular market, situation and portfolio.

Our training is accompanied by a unique set of templates and blended learning options providing continuous professional development which incorporates high impact face-to-face training with ongoing, online options to ensure the benefits are permanent.

We take a holistic view of product management that considers a product’s lifecycle from initial idea right through to product withdrawal.

Accredited Activities:

  • Complete Product Management Training (F2F & Online)
  • Leading Product Management Training
  • Product Excellence Bootcamp
  • Pro Series – Product Communication
  • Pro Series – Product Financials and Pricing
  • Pro Series – Tracking Success – Metrics
  • Pro Series – Customer-Centric Competitive Analysis
  • Pro Series – Cross Functional Communications
  • Pro Series – Product Planning
  • Pro Series – Building A Multi-Market Vision
  • Pro Series – Market Research
  • Pro Series – Sizing an Opportunity
  • Pro Series – High Performing, Bold Teams
  • Pro Series – Idea Assessment
  • Pro Series – Ideation
  • Pro Series – Marginal Gain

Who Should Attend:

Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers at all levels of experience and business people wishing to utilise effective product management techniques.

Further Information: