Youth Scotland

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21398

Category: Charity & Voluntary Work, Coaching Programmes & Solutions, Early Years, Education & Training Centres, Social and Care Work


Youth Scotland is Scotland’s national charity for the support and delivery of community based youth work. Our Mission is to support young people to achieve their full potential. Our vision is young people who are confident, resilient, aspirational and ready to reach their potential. We work with young people aged between 5 and 25 years of age and those who support them. We support a network of over 1,200 youth groups and projects and deliver services that help over 64,000 young people to learn, succeed and make positive contributions to their communities.

Accredited Activities:

  • Awards Introductory Training
  • Dynamic Youth Awards Introductory Training
  • Awards Advanced Bronze and Silver Training
  • Awards Advanced Gold and Platinum Training
  • Awards Agency Assessor Training
  • Awards Train the Trainers
  • Youth Achievement Awards Standardisation Events
  • Dynamic Youth Awards Standardisation Events

Who Should Attend:

Any practitioners who are working with young people

Further Information: