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CPD Standards Office Provider Number: PDCD1032

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Category: Coaching Programmes & Solutions, Education & Training Centres, Personal & Professional Development


MISSION What are we here to do?

“Our Mission in Life is to Help Others Succeed”

We excite, engage and transform through inspirational, strengths-based learning experiences.

PURPOSE Why are we here to do it?

“Because Your World Needs You at Your Best”

We bear the weight of responsibility that what we do matters. The cascading value of fulfilling our mission means that organisations and people get to maximise the value they bring to the world - for the benefit of us all.

We specialize in:

  • 2b APC
  • 2b LC
  • C - Suite Coaching
  • Coach Training
  • Corporate and Executive Coaching
  • Corporate and Executive Training
  • 2byb
  • Community Activities
  • High-Performance Process
  • Strengths- Finder Assessment and Workshops
  • Customized and Targeted Workshops and Training for each industry sector and client

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Accredited Activities:

Dual Accreditation in Training Excellence and CPD Participants that engage with 2b Limitless not only benefit from transformational learning experiences but are also able to evidence their growth through globally recognisable training and accreditation bodies.

2b Limitless programs are accredited by the CPD Standards Office UK, with Dual Accreditation in training excellence and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points. This means that any participants that engage 2b Limitless are able to have their professional development evidenced with formal certification.

Our coach training programs are also accredited by the Association for Coaching (AC) and the International Coaching Federation (ACF). Delegates that participate in our coach training programs not only experience the highest possible standards in coach training, but they can also pursue individual certification with the ICF and the AC.

Accredited Training Courses include:

  • 2bAPC Accredited Performance Coach
  • Leader as Coach
  • Unleash your Strengths
  • One to One Executive Coaching

Who Should Attend:


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