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Category: Business Skills, Marketing & Advertising, Personal & Professional Development, Sales


42courses is an on-demand elearning platform that creates short, highly practical and highly enjoyable courses, that are taught and certified by global brands such as Cannes Lions, Ogilvy, Parson, WARC and more. The key topics we teach centre around marketing, creativity and innovation. If you’re looking to sell more of whatever you sell and unlock your full potential, then come take a look. On-demand team training is also available.

Accredited Activities:

  • Behavioural Economics with Rory Sutherland
  • Copywriting with Cannes Lions
  • Digital Marketing with Cannes Lions
  • Creative Effectiveness with Cannes Lions
  • Creative Leadership with Cannes Lions
  • Storytelling with Cannes Lions
  • Marketing Strategy with Cannes Lions
  • Creative Thinking with Cannes Lions
  • Goodvertising with Cannes Lions
  • Applied Behavioural Science with Ogilvy
  • Behavioral Science for Brands with Cannes Lions
  • UX Design with Parsons School Of Design
  • Circular Economy with Parsons School Of Design
  • The Happy Course with the Happiness Research Institute
  • The Even Happier Course with the Happiness Research Institute
  • Social Media with Ogilvy
  • Fintech with Barclays
  • Design the life you love with Birsel + Seck
  • Mental Fitness & Wellbeing with Brain Workshops
  • Problem Solving
  • Innovation
  • Service Design
  • Leadership & Teams
  • Entrepreneurship

Who Should Attend:

Anyone working in marketing or advertising or people looking to grow their business or brand.

Further Information: