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Ad Astra’s passion for high performance and particular specialisation in Human Factors has been driven by its founders living, working and teaching within the harsh crucible of aviation for the last 35 years.

Using aviation’s dramatic lessons, you will create your own performance tools that make it easier to do the correct thing, with a shift from constant mitigation to an environment of remotivated and highly productive people.

Ad Astra has a growing team of experts in Human Factors and their approach to organisational improvement and people development focuses on resourcefulness and practical solutions. These drive dramatic and positive changes throughout organisations, and Ad Astra has repeatedly seen the genuine enthusiasm their clients have for this training revolution. The sessions are bespoke while being dynamic and entertaining – everyone leaves motivated by the possibilities it creates.

Ad Astra have worked with schools, trusts, insurance firms, aviation training organisations, estate agents and the Metropolitan Police, so their work is completely transferable between any industry.

Accredited Activities:

  • Human Errors, Threats & Wellbeing Management
  • High-Performance Decision Making
  • Strong Teams & Motivational Leaders
  • Integrated Professional Development Path
  • Ad Astra Performance Indicator Assessment

Who Should Attend:

Ad Astra’s work is directly transferable across multiple sectors.

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