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CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 22510

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Category: Emergency Services, Financial Services & Legislation, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, HR & Recruitment, Law & Legislation, Social and Care Work, Technology


Powering the world of work

We power the world of work through our sector-focused software, that effortlessly gets the job done, giving you the freedom to focus on thriving for your customers and your people.


Accredited Activities:

  • Advanced HR – Custom Reporting with Filters
  • Navigating HR Priorities in Times of Crisis – Hiring, Development and Retention, at the Right Cost
  • Advanced HR – Day to Day User
  • ALB – Day to Day User
  • ALB – Month End/Year End
  • ALB – New User Creation
  • Advanced HR – Super User
  • Adastra – End User
  • BKSB – Tutor User
  • BKSB – Administration User
  • Docman Clinical Onboarding
  • Docman Clinical Document Coder Onboarding
  • Docman Triage Onboarding
  • Docman Triage Document Coder Onboarding
  • Docman Non-Clinical Onboarding
  • Docman Non-Clinical Document Coder Onboarding
  • Docman Practice Champion
  • Docman Scenario Training
  • Docman System Administrator
  • Practice & Case Management Training
  • Legal Accounts Training
  • Business Tax Portal Digital Learning
  • Legal Forms Digital Learning
  • System Administration Digital Learning

Who Should Attend:

Our business software is the trusted choice for critical sectors, including healthcare, legal services, and education. Empowering users to build their system knowledge, through a blended learning approach, at a pace that suits them. We are focused on end-user training for our customers, providing users with a choice of learning paths suited to their business and role.

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