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Category: Business Skills, Charity & Voluntary Work


Age UK Isle of Wight are the lead delivery partner in Age Friendly Island – a five year Programme established in 2015, which funded by Big Lottery to reduce loneliness and isolation. Age Friendly Island’s strategic project works with a range of prominent public, private and voluntary sector organisations to better consider the needs of elderly people. The United Kingdom has an ageing demographic and it is crucial that the professionals who serve clients or customers have a clear understanding of the issues faced as we age and how to improve their ability to communicate with older people.

Accredited Activities:

Age Friendly Training – presented by Jack Wedderkop

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for professionals working in public, private and voluntary sectors that have a customer facing role and could potentially be working with older clients. It has a wide-ranging delegate group and has been delivered to a range of organisations, from local non-for-profit charities to highly profitable private businesses.

An example of a session agenda is attached below. The training is a combination of practical tasks and supporting theoretical presentation.

  1. Understand what is meant by an ‘Age Friendly’ area.
  2. Recognise the ageing process and its impact on the quality and challenges of daily life.
  3. Be equipped with a range of communication skills which will benefit a range of older people who have different age-related needs.
  4. Enable training participants to look at the physical environment of their workplace and suggest ways in which it could be made more accessible to older people. (OPTIONAL MODULE – bespoke to all organisations)

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