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Category: Construction & Building Maintenance, Engineering, Governance & Compliance, Government, Health & Safety, HR & Recruitment, Leadership and Management, Logistics & Transport, Oil & Gas, Social and Care Work


AlcoDigital provides companies from across the UK with professional training courses focusing on best practice policies and procedures for Alcohol and Drug testing in the workplace. Our training is divided into four key programmes to suit you.

One of our most popular training courses is our one day course hosted at various locations across the UK, and is ideal for companies looking to introduce or review their alcohol and drug policies and testing procedures. Those that attend will gain enough knowledge to become their company’s in-house alcohol and drug testing expert, helping to spread knowledge to employees, proactively prevent A&D related issues, and effectively act upon these if and when they occur.

Our product based training is designed for companies that use evidential and home office approved alcohol and drug testing equipment at their premises and require professional training for their collecting officers.

Accredited Activities:

  • Alcohol and Drug Testing In The Workplace – UK Training Day (F2F & Online)
  • Evidential Breathalyzer Testing Training
  • In House Drug Screening Training
  • Chain Of Custody Confirmation Procedure For Drug Testing

Who Should Attend:

  • MD/HR and Health and Safety managers – To become experts in Alcohol and Drug use/testing in the workplace. To help review policies and apply best practices.
  • Collecting officers = Those who will be using equipment to test employees. These people can be at any level within the company, but will need to be trained on the equipment and best practice.
  • The companies involved in these programmes will be mostly businesses that employ workforces that operate in high risk environments.

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