Ann Parker

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 2115961

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Category: Coaching Programmes & Solutions


Ann Parker provides a personal, confidential coaching service for individuals wanting greater personal and/or professional success and contentment, including work to improve confidence, performance, work-life balance and more effective choice and achievement of personal and professional goals

Coaching can be one-to-one or in professional support groups, and is provided through local meetings, telephone or internet, enabling clients to choose their preferred setting and communication method, even when they are in a different country from the coach.

Prospective clients are offered an initial discussion to discuss their requirements and suitability for coaching before deciding to proceed with a coaching programme.

Accredited Activities:

Ann Parker is an accredited coach with the CPD Standards Office.

  • Life coaching
  • Confidence and work-life-balance coaching
  • Performance coaching
  • Support-group coaching and Action Learning Sets
  • Coaching for a particular goal or achievement

Who Should Attend:

I work with clients across a wide age-range and  from any professional background, offering :

  • Individual personal coaching sessions and
  • Facilitation and coaching for professional support groups

Topics for coaching are selected by the client and may include work-life balance, general confidence, performance at work, coping with challenges and change, and coaching for a particular goal or desired achievement

Further Information: