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Offering a High-Quality in-person audio engineering course. Practical learning from the ground up, and most importantly at an affordable price point in comparison to many programs. This program is designed to teach you the techniques to effectively apply them in recording studios, along with some live audio techniques, and post-production. It is a 32-week long program offering 16 weeks in the Fall and 16 weeks in the Spring. Financing options are available to be able to kick-start your audio career on the right path, along with real-world experiences.

The program will require an internship at another recording studio in order to get more real-world experiences, as there is no better way to learn than seeing different workflows from other studios and engineers.

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Accredited Activities:

  • Audio Engineering

Who Should Attend:

Everyone and anyone interested in learning music-production from an audio engineering stand-point. Delegates interested in making a career switch, or who desire to work in recording studios, theme park audio-technicians, or commence their own personal audio careers from their personal studios.

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