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Autism Cork was created to support parents, teachers, professionals and autistic individuals to improve their quality of life.

We believe that with a better understanding of autism combined with working in partnership with autistic people, to get the right supports to meet their needs, can make a difference in the lives of autistic individuals. Autistic people don't need to fit in. They need to be understood.

We at Autism Cork feel privileged to help you connect with the world’s leading experts and practitioners in autism so that you can learn practical strategies, actionable insights and solution-focused tools to support those you care for and support.

Our trainings in autism have attracted thousands of parents and professionals worldwide from over 50 countries such as the USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand and from many continents such as Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Australia/Oceania. We're committed to offering solutions in partnership with autistic people, across the autism spectrum and their lifetime, to get the right supports where possible to meet their needs.

To achieve this we intend:

  • Improve the understanding of autism
  • Deliver training in autism which educates, empowers and inspires
  • Offer solution-focused and practical supports, tools and resources from leading autism experts across the world
  • Transform the mindset of autism to a more empowering and positive one
  • Develop an inclusive and autism-friendly approach in partnership with autistic individuals, which respects and honours the individual needs of each parent, professional and autistic person
  • Give reliable, evidence-based and appropriate interventions and supports in autism

Everyone is welcome to attend our trainings and events. You can find out more about our trainings and events here:

Accredited Activities:

  • Cork Autism Conference

Who Should Attend:

Autistic Individuals, Parents and Professionals

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