Brightest Bulb

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21551

Category: Business Professionals, Business Skills, Communication/Presentation, Digital Marketing, Education & Training Centres


Brightest Bulb teaches the skills to create professional looking video, all shot and edited on smartphones.

Founded in 2016, Brightest Bulb’s training is delivered via our trademarked iDEC® (Individual, Director, Editor, Cameraperson) skills method. We teach the basics of camera work and editing techniques, providing our course attendees with the skills to create regular and engaging ‘snackable’ video content to communicate with their employees and their clients.

We’ve trained organisations of all sizes and across all sectors including Ipsos MORI, BMW, Porsche, The Restaurant Group, University of Warwick, The Scottish Government, Essex County Council and HMRC.

Accredited Activities:

iDEC® Foundation Training Course
Method of delivery:
1) Face to Face training – Open Course
2) Face to Face Training – Bespoke Course
3) Training via webinar platform – Open Course
4) Training via webinar platform – Bespoke Course
5) To be launched in 2021: Training delivered via eLearning platform.

John Dixon John began his working life in the theatre across the UK as a writer, director and performer. From there, he started writing for BBC radio and ITV 1 promotions, which led him into directing TV commercials and making factual programming for ITV. John has been producer, director on a wide range of productions including the series ‘Music Uncovered’ for ITV1, Keeping up with the Kids for BBC1, Wizards and Alchemists for the Discovery Channel and Live in the Fast Lane for ESPN. John has created a wide range of branded content for clients including Microsoft, Jaguar Landrover, Abu Dhabi Tourism, IBM, Mubadala and the NHS.

Ralph Tittley: Ralph spent the early days of his career as online editor in a busy London facility using tape-based suites, working on broadcast, corporate and commercial television. His credits include Bite Back, TV Hell, Mushroom Magic, The Late Show, Newsnight, Horizon, Equinox, New West. He has since produced and directed numerous live-action and animated television productions including TV commercials, documentaries and 3D kids series. Production credits include Gardener’s World, Pebble Mill, Heartland, King of the Road, Out & About with clients such as Cadbury’s, GE Capital, Dixons and Land Rover.

Who Should Attend:

Our courses are for any individual or organisation who wants to empower members of their team or themselves to create regular, authentic and engaging video content and who is looking for fantastic on-going ROI. These skills apply to all sectors as our course attendees demonstrate; automotive, financial, government, manufacturing, education, public relations, property development, the third sector, insurance and legal. Delegates have come from all disciplines; marketing, sales, HR, learning and development, training, IT and outreach.

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