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Founded in 1982, the British Institute of Funerals Directors (BIFD) are one of the leading providers of Education and Continuing Professional Development for individuals working in the funeral industry.

At the BIFD, we understand the importance of acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the funeral profession. That's why we offer two esteemed courses that have received accreditation from Greenwich University.

The Certificate in Funeral Service (Level 3, 30 credits) The Diploma in Funeral Service (Level 4, 30 credits) These courses don't just provide theoretical knowledge; they equip you with practical skills and insights required to deliver exceptional funeral services. Whether you are a funeral director, embalmer, or involved in any other funeral-related role, our training courses are open to anyone looking to enhance their expertise in the field.

Recognising the significance of continuous learning, the BIFD offers a range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses. These courses are designed to help funeral practitioners stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices, ensuring their skills remain relevant and their knowledge remains current.

By successfully completing our CPD courses, practitioners become eligible to apply for the coveted Licence to Practice offered by the Institute. This exclusive license not only demonstrates your commitment to professional development but also serves as a mark of trust and credibility among industry peers and clients.

At the BIFD, we prioritise the growth and success of individuals in the funeral profession. With our renowned courses and comprehensive CPD offerings, we aim to empower funeral practitioners to reach new heights of excellence.

Accredited Activities:

  • The History Of Funeral Directing
  • Bereavement And Client Care
  • Office Procedure
  • Communication
  • Alternative Funerals
  • Law, Procedures and Traditions in Scotland
  • Funeral Procedures and Law Northern Ireland
  • Bequeathal
  • Managing Uncertainty
  • Embalming

Who Should Attend:

CPD training is available to all members of the BIFD who wish to obtain a licence or just wish to keep up to date with professional practice procedures.

Further Information: