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CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21419

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Category: Charity & Voluntary Work, Personal & Professional Development


Bromley Y was set up as a charity in 2012, their main purpose is to offer mentoring to young people aged 7 – 18 in schools. This led them to design Foundation Mentor Training specifically for the Volunteer Mentors working for them, offered free of charge to their volunteers. It is also offered to the public at large interested in learning new skills in how to communicate not only with children but also with friends, family and colleagues and for this, we charge a fee. The main section of the course is covered in one day with Two ½ day follow-up sessions.

Accredited Activities:

Foundation in Mentor Training run over Two days in 3 parts.

  • Day One: Foundation in Mentor Training
  • Day Two: Half Day in Boundaries Training
  • Day Three Half Day: Competency Training is completed 6 Months after initial includes: Where you are now and What do you need to get to Where you wish to be.

Who Should Attend:

The Foundation in Mentor Training is for anyone who wishes to learn how to communicate in a Non-judgemental way and detach from the outcome. This is done with the use of Open questions, Active listening and other methods thus empowering the individual to find their own solutions and move forward in areas of their lives that they wish to.

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