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BSD Education designs, develops and delivers programs of learning for digital skills, enabling teachers to bring real world technology education to every classroom. We provide project-based curriculum for grades 3-12 that is delivered through a proprietary online learning platform with comprehensive training and year round support available. Programs are mapped to a range of international standards and certified by Digital Promise. With BSD, a world-class technology program can be implemented immediately by teachers with no prior technology experience.

Accredited Activities:

♢ BSD Fundamentals (3 hours)

This introductory course will prepare you to teach using the BSD online platform, by learning about BSD’s evidence based approaches to learning. This course is hands-on and will guide you through the completion of 3 coding projects with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Along the way, learn about BSD’s intuitive and customizable learning materials and platform features. 

  • Explore BSD’s approach to pedagogy, projects and how to teach digital skills.
  • Learn to code with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and how to use BSD’s online platform.
  • Create your own Meme, Teacher Profile and a JavaScrip Conversation project.

♢ Coding Fundamentals (3 hours)

This course will teach you the necessary coding skills needed to teach BSD’s beginner and intermediate level courses using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Each lesson provides syntax learning, practice and application, showing you how the 3 browser programming languages work together. After this course you will feel like a coding ninja!

  • Explore a variety of coding projects with example syntax.
  • Learn intermediate level skills in programming with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Create several coding mini-projects that focus on syntax acquisition. 

♢ Introduction to AI: Useful classroom tools for teaching about data bias (3 hours)

In a world where AI helps us navigate our cars, helps us with shopping, and provides suggestions for what to watch next, we need to be mindful of how different types of data bias can affect how AI helps us. In this course we will uncover the 3 main data bias types and how to reduce bias through experimenting with AI image recognition tools. Suitable for middle and high school teachers.

  • Explore how different types of data bias affect the prediction of AI tools.
  • Learn how to design simple AI systems that have reduced data bias.
  • Create your own AI image recognition tools that can predict and identify data of your choice.

♢ Beyond Blocks: First Steps in Coding with HTML and CSS

Learn how to help students transition from block based coding environments to coding with HTML and CSS to design webpages. Have your students reached a peak level of learning with blocks and are eager to learn more? Let’s explore strategies and pedagogical methods to help students continue their coding journey. Suitable for teachers in upper primary and middle school.

  • Explore how to approach text-based coding with proven methods.
  • Learn how to start simple web pages with HTML and CSS using templates..
  • Create 4 different webpages that build your skill in HTML and CSS.

♢ Supercharge Your Teaching with AI Chatbots for Time-Saving Resource Creation

Immerse yourself in an interactive journey where you’ll not only write and test your own prompts using a Chatbot powered by ChatGPT 3.5, but you’ll also walk away with a captivating full lesson plan. Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks and hello to streamlined lesson planning, personalized instruction, automated emails, and creative assessments; all using the power of generative AI.

  • Explore prompt engineering and how to get the most out of chatbots.
  • Learn AI’s limitations – training data, context sensitivity, and biases.
  • Create a fully detailed lesson plan and other learning resources.

Who Should Attend:

Educators, technology specialists, and anyone who wants to learn more about how technology and coding works.

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