CAF Bermuda Art Therapies

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 41222

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Category: Alternative Therapies, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Personal & Professional Development


Our main event will be a 3-day Summit/Retreat in March 2024. This event will offer opportunities for participants to participate in various learning experiences to enrich their craft.

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CAT Evolve was founded with a commitment to providing ongoing learning spaces for BIPOC creative arts therapists to connect and enhance professional skills to work with minority clients effectively.

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CAT Evolve supports BIPOC Licensed Creative Art Therapists: (Art Therapy, Play Therapy, Drama Therapy, Dance Therapy and Music Therapy. Additionally, Licensed Expressive Arts Therapist, Sound Therapist and Holistic Therapist.

Accredited Activities:

  • Integrating Art Therapy with Restorative Justice Circles to Create Positive Communities Within School Settings
  • CAT Evolve – Reimagine C.A.T. Spaces ‘The Gathering’

Who Should Attend:

These trainings are for BIPOC Art Therapists,  Play Therapists, Drama Therapists, Dance Movement Therapists and Music Therapists. Additionally, Licensed Expressive Arts Therapists, Sound Therapists and Holistic Therapists.

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