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Calmer specialise in workplace mental health and burnout prevention training for senior leaders, managers and staff.

Their CPD-accredited courses explore complex information on the neuroscience of stress and burnout, mental wellbeing and resilience, and make it easy for participants to understand. They do this through a range of training, consultancy and educational services designed for professionals.

Why is mental health training important for a healthy and productive workforce?

There is a compelling link between mental health and productivity and a strong business case for supporting the mental health and wellbeing of your staff. Studies by Deloitte and The Lancet reveal that for every £1 spent by employers on mental health interventions, they get £5 back in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover. In addition, lost productivity as a result of anxiety and depression costs the global economy $1 trillion each year. Calmer training enables participants to feel informed, empowered, and in control of their mental health and wellbeing, in work and in daily life.

What makes Calmer’s training stand out?

Calmer focuses on a prevention-based approach to managing mental health at work. Their courses help professionals to understand the complexity of mental wellbeing, explore the difference between stress and burnout and ways to prevent it from escalating and identify best practices to develop a mentally healthy company culture. Their signature courses draw from evidence-based research in fields such as Neuroscience, Mental Health and Mindfulness, with a blend of theory, interactive discussions and practical takeaway exercises.

How do I book a Calmer training session?

Calmer has four CPD Accredited training courses and can provide long-term programmes for organisations. You can book a no-obligation call with one of their team to discuss your needs, and explore how they can best support you and your colleagues. For further information, visit their FAQ’s page:

About Calmer

Calmer is a global, award-winning training organisation based in the UK, empowering entrepreneurs, freelancers and business teams to nurture mental wellness and prevent burnout. They do this through workplace training courses, webinars, events and digital products. Their experience spans from mentoring and training entrepreneurs, CEOs, senior leaders and their teams in both 1:1 and group facilitation environments, both in-person and online. To date they have consulted and trained over 400 companies, CEOs and their teams on their mental health and wellbeing strategy, as well as delivered expert training on creating a healthy, happy and productive working environment.

About Tania Diggory

Tania Diggory is an entrepreneur, international Burnout Prevention speaker and Founder and Director of Calmer, an award-winning training organisation that empowers entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business teams to nurture mental wellness and prevent burnout. Tania is a leading expert in the field of burnout prevention and is the Author of This Is Calmer: Inspiration, support, and encouragement for the entrepreneurial mind, and Working From Home: The Complete Calmer Guide To Remote Working. A qualified NLP Practitioner, Mindfulness Teacher Mental Health Trainer & First Aider, Tania is passionate about raising awareness about the importance of balancing mental wellbeing with business success.

Accredited Activities:

  • Practical Mental Health Training for Leaders and Managers
  • Build and Strengthen your Resilience
  • Mental Health at Work and the Role of Wellbeing Champions
  • Practical Mental Health Training for Employees

Who Should Attend:

Calmer courses equip senior leaders, managers and staff with practical tools to manage their mental health at work, prevent burnout, and nurture a mentally healthy workplace culture.

Their Wellbeing Champions programme is designed for a group of dedicated employee volunteers, who train to become Wellbeing Champions and receive monthly consultancy to develop and implement a long-term mental health and wellbeing strategy for their workplace.

As a speaker, Calmer’s founder Tania Diggory also offers 1-hour and 1.5-hour masterclasses for entrepreneurs, freelancers and business teams. These talks can be booked for company events or public events and can be delivered online or offline.

The topics Tania specialises in are:

  • Manage stress and prevent burnout
  • Build and strengthen your resilience
  • Prioritise your wellbeing while remote working
  • Recognise your limits and establish healthy boundaries
  • Be kind to your mind through Mindfulness
  • How to navigate and manage anxiety

Further Information: