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Category: Accountancy, Animal Care & Veterinary, Business Skills, Education & Training Centres, Financial Services & Legislation, Governance & Compliance, Government, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, HR & Recruitment, Leadership and Management, Management, Medical, Social and Care Work


We provide professional development for the assessment community in the UK and internationally.  We are part of Cambridge Assessment, an international exams group who design and deliver assessments to over 8 million learners in over 170 countries.

We bring clarity and confidence to the world of assessment by equipping practitioners with the skills and knowledge needed to design and develop assessments with a robust grounding in evidence.

From our 9-week online courses covering the foundations of assessment practice, to interactive practitioner workshops and a postgraduate qualification, we have solutions for a diverse range of assessment professionals.

Accredited Activities:

  • A101: Introducing The Principles Of Assessment
  • A102: Introducing Assessment Practice
  • A103: Introducing Data Literacy
  • A104: Psychometrics In Educational Assessment
  • Assessment Practitioner Workshop: Understanding and Optimising your Mark Schemes
  • Assessment Practitioner Workshop: Digital assessment: Drivers, Benefits, Barriers and Challenges
  • Assessment Practitioner Workshop Series: Writing and Evaluating Effective Multiple-Choice Questions
  • Assessment Practitioner Workshop Series: Question Writing for Effective Assessment
  • Assessment Practitioner Workshop Series: Using Assessment Data To Empower Practice
  • Assessment Practitioner Workshop Series: Item Response Theory In Practice
  • Assessment Practitioner Workshop Series: An Introduction To Statistics For Assessment
  • Assessment Practitioner Workshop: Setting And Maintaining A Grading Standard
  • Assessment Practitioner Workshop: Comparative Judgement In Educational Assessment
  • Assessment Practitioner Workshop Series: Computer Adaptive Testing: Theory To Practice
  • Assessment Practitioner Workshop: Item Banking In Practice
  • Assessment Practitioner Workshop: Assessment Reliability
  • Assessment Practitioner Workshop: E-Assessment Of Speaking: Current Trends And Future Directions
  • Assessment Practitioner Workshop: Assessing ‘Competence’: Definitions, Challenges and Strategies
  • Assessment Practitioner Workshop: Assessment Validation for Beginners: How Do I Know My Assessments Have Worked Well?
  • Assessment Practitioner Workshop: Becoming an Assessment Jedi: Fostering Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Assessment Practices Worked Well?
  • Assessment Practitioner Workshop: Understanding the Fundamentals of Research and Research Methods to Empower Assessment Practices
  • Cambridge Assessment Network School Assessment Training Programme
  • Assessment Practitioner Workshop: Item Banking: Theory, Practice and Delivery

Who Should Attend:

We have a wide range of training relevant to anyone working with assessments.

The learning on our courses is applicable across all sectors but will be particularly relevant to those working in educational assessment including examiners, assessment writers, professional bodies, teachers, lecturers and those working for exam boards/awarding organisations.

With practical application at their core, our courses are perfect for developing – or refreshing – your knowledge of key principles and best practice in assessment, as well as providing the perfect opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow practitioners.

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