Canine Principles Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 60082

Category: Animal Care & Veterinary, CPD Providers, Education & Training Centres


Canine Principles was founded in 2017 and teaches online courses focused on positive scientific dog, behaviour care and welfare.

We offer a range of courses and a membership option to canine guardians and professionals. Our courses are all based in kindness and scientific awareness and we have a student body of over 5000.

Our member and student group range between devoted dog guardians, enthusiasts and professionals. There is literally a course for everyone.

Accredited Activities:

  • Canine Behaviour Professional Diploma
  • Canine Coaching Diploma
  • Dog Walking and Canine Care Diploma
  • Search Dog Handler Diploma
  • Holistic Canine Behaviour Diploma
  • Canine Communication Diploma
  • Puppy Care, Health and Coaching Diploma
  • Canine Reactive Behaviour Advanced Certificate.
  • Puppy Care and Health Advanced Certificate.
  • Rescue Dog Advanced Certificate
  • Canine Pharmacology Advanced Certificate.
  • Canine Coaching Advanced Certificate
  • Puppy Development Certificate.
  • Canine First Aid certificate.
  • Scentwork Enrichment Certificate.
  • Canine Anxiety Certificate.
  • Canine Anatomy and Physiology Certificate.
  • Easy Walks with your reactive dog.
  • The dog rescuers guide.
  • Inspiring Resilience in fearful and Reactive Dogs (30 day program)
  • Canine Nutrition and health certificate
  • Your dog the Sofa Wolf
  • Wolf Awareness Workshop
  • Social marketing for Dog Professionals.
  • Predation Substitute training.
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome.
  • Interactive Play Guide.
  • Canine Enrichment.
  • Canine Calmness.
  • Senior Dog Care Certificate.
  • Dogs and Children course.
  • Emotional Intelligence for dog professionals course.
  • Canine fear course
  • Positive Dog Training for Ethical Owners course
  • Easy Walks With Reactive Dogs course
  • Your Dog the Sofa Wolf Workshop
  • The Mechanice of the Mark workshop
  • The Dog Rescuers Guide course
  • Social Marketing for Dog Professionals workshop
  • Settling Through Scentwork for Highly Aroused Dogs
  • Predation Substitute Training
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • Interactive play guide
  • Inspiring Resilience in Fearful and Reactive Dogs – 30 day program
  • Canine Enrichment
  • Canine Communication The language of a species
  • Canine Calmness
  • Wolf Awareness
  • Canine Coaching Foundations
  • Clicker Foundations
  • Dog Business Boost
  • Dog Tired Canine Sleep Webinar
  • Clicking for Resilience
  • Canine Compulsive Disorder
  • Help My Dog Is Scared Of The Vet
  • Noses For Nature
  • New Puppy Consultation
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • Puppy Socialisation
  • Rock Solid Recall
  • Tellington Ttouch for Calming
  • Solving Separation Related Problems
  • Understanding Animal Cruelty
  • Understanding Reactive dogs
  • Canine Cognitive Dysfunction
  • Canine Cancer Awareness
  • Feline Health and Wellness
  • Desensitisation and Counter Conditioning
  • Understanding Extinction
  • Good guardianship
  • Dog Tired
  • Fearful Dog Rehabilitation
  • Rock Solid Recall
  • The science of teaching
  • Therapy Dog Awareness
  • Unleashing your dog
  • Desensitisation and Counter Conditioning

Who Should Attend:

A variety of written, illustrated and video courses for dog Guardians, Enthusiasts, professional trainers and behaviour Specialists.

Further Information: