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Category: Mental Health & Wellbeing


CBRT™ (Colour Breathing Relaxation Technique) is a pioneer in relaxation, positive thinking and behavioural health. www.colourbreathing.com People enjoy using CBRT. An ideal 'first tier intervention' for all to learn and use to support mental wellness in the community and workplace. The  Colour Breathing Disks were first created in 1997 with extensive user research before the unique 'Colour Breathing Book Kit,'' Colour Breathing  Affirmation Cards' and other products were launched at The Frankfurt Book Fair. In 2004, the BCMA [British Complementary Medicine Association] recognised Colour Breathing as a quality standalone relaxation intervention and Training Programme. More than 22 years has now been dedicated to the development [and continuing improvement] for CBRT use within the mental health resilience and wellness sectors.

CBRT has become a new evidence-based psychological therapy which has the capacity to deliver measurable outcomes. With more than 10 years preparation for NHS entry with due diligence, CBRT has trained mental health community teams, senior clinicians and midwives, presenting at national conferences and HM GOV Wellbeing events. Recognised as a MedTech healthcare Innovation company, CBRT HIS Ltd is a quality Training Programme Provider and Publishing House.

To date Colour Breathing Practitioner Training Programmes have been delivered across the UK into major healthcare providers, mental health charities and as part of wellbeing programmes. CBRT Practitioners deliver CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions in clinics, schools, prisons and community settings.

Accredited Activities:

  • Colour Breathing Relaxation Technique Practitioner Course

The course is as experiential as possible, so learning can be quick. It aims to equip delegates with sufficient understanding and confidence that they will be able to work using their new learning’s swiftly upon completion of a  40 question Assessment Paper and 5 case studies for individuals and group sessions.

Bespoke corporate events and products.

Founder Alison Bourne and other senior team members are available for speaking engagements

Who Should Attend:

Community Mental Health Support workers, Counsellors, Psychologists, Midwives, Palliative Care, Occupational Therapists, GP’s, Nurses, Addiction and Trauma/PTSD Specialists, Carers, School Teachers and Lecturers, Prison Officers, Stress Management Consultants, Complementary Health Practitioners, Social care and voluntary sector staff.

The CBRT Practitioner Training Programme has been found to be ideal  for all levels of experience including individuals who have already received MHFA Training [Mental Health First Aid] as the new skills you learn to become a CBRT Practitioner will enable you to deliver regulated CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions in the workplace for individuals and groups of people.

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