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Category: Business Skills, Environmental Services, Personal & Professional Development, Project Management


Centre for Environment and Development International (CEDI), trading under Endev Consulting Private Limited, is a UK based company offering a range of accredited and non-accredited courses, (1 day – 4 weeks long), to suit business and community groups involved in the management of food security, healthcare, education, and economic empowerment projects.

Our Vision

Attainment of green-oriented and sustainable development.

Our Mission

To be the best source for capacity development and consultancy partnership in the sustainable management of business and community projects.

What We Do Best

Supportive project management office services and practical learning and skills development competencies across poverty alleviation projects, while addressing issues of environment and climate change.

Our Courses

  • Project management principles and practices
  • Environmental management for sustainable development
  • Agricultural production and management
  • Climate change awareness

Our courses range from 1 day – 4 weeks long. Dedicated training workshops (training course exclusively for your organization) can also be provided. These can be either in-house, at your premises, or any preferred location. Training can be delivered as a half-day, full day or several days, up to a maximum of eight weeks.

Medium of training: Face-to-face or online virtual classroom.

Who Do We Work With/Who Has the Problems?

  • Multilateral and Bilateral agencies; Non-Profit Organizations; Corporates; Public Sector; Local Authorities; Farmers Organizations; Business Sector; Communities

Question: What problems do we solve?

  • Challenges in the management of community and business projects
  • Absence of monitoring and evaluation systems in development projects
  • Environmentally unfriendly practices in the agriculture, healthcare, education economic empowerment sectors
  • Global warming; Climate change; Pollution; Soil erosion; Biodiversity loss

Question: What differentiates our business from our competitors?

Our Niche

  • We guarantee a personalized or organization specific approach to managing projects
  • We go beyond training, to providing supportive project management office services to enable clients to address gaps identified during the training, when back in their workplace and project sites
  • We guarantee a “business re-education” that shows the progress of your project and how to successfully implement community and business projects.


  • We assist clients in the use project management knowledge areas to help achieve relevant, effective, and efficient management of business and community projects.


  • We value the importance of the team in managing projects. Our project management package has a component to provide keys to a winning team.

How We Reach Our Clients

• Project management office and support

• Training workshops, conferences, seminars, webinars and public speaking presentations.


Our fees include the support, set up and delivery of the courses and project management office services.

Benefits of Working with Us

Our project management office and support services include:

  • Use of highly qualified, certified, and experienced team of local and international consultants, with professional and technical skills to manage the assignments successfully
  • Bridging skills gaps between senior management, employees, and project stakeholders to improve project communication
  • Providing cost effective solutions to addressing project management challenges
  • Guidance in the use of project management knowledge areas in the management of business and community projects
  • Support for climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Support for enhancement of agricultural productivity
  • Support to building outcomes and results-based monitoring and evaluation systems
  • Equipping clients with strategies to improve environmental performance and bring environmental benefits
  • In line with adult learning, our services are fun and take place in a relaxed learning environment, delivered in an effective, participatory, coordinated and demand-driven manner, providing you and your organization with the skills needed to provide an excellent service.


Our courses are non-examination based. They are certificated to participants upon successful completion of the programme. Some selected accredited learning courses with intense course content are certified under the official seal and grant by the collaborating institute by-laws policies and powers.

Our location: Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire in the United Kingdom and Bulawayo, in Zimbabwe.

Here’s how you can get in touch with us: email info@endevconsulting.co.uk, endevconsulting@gmail.com or telephone +44 (0)203 0196810; Mobile: +44 (0) 7592 806793

Accredited Activities:

  • Environmental Management Training Course
  • Principles and Practices of Managing Business and Community Projects
  • Cattle Management Course for Farm Managers and Employees
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Course
  • Environmental Education and Awareness Course

Who Should Attend:

Multilateral and Bilateral agencies; Non-Profit Organizations; Corporates; Public Sector; Local Authorities; Farmers Organizations; Business Sector; Communities

Further Information: