Centre for Everyday Leadership

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Courses & Coaching in the arena of Leadership. Starting with our Course: From Ordinary to X-trordinary (10 Key Leadership Skills)...learn to Dream-Believe-Achieve to accomplish using Leadership Skills in Your Everyday Life. Take the next Step, and beyond, through world-class Leadership Coaching to set your life in motion to succeed in anything that you want.

501(c)3 Non-Profit established in 2021 to help transform individuals & their world.

TWO-FOLD Work Relationships:

  1. We Scholarship ALL high school Jr/Sr students & College age students who are interested in setting sail on a life of Vision (Purpose/Goals/Values) all the way to Learning to Delegate. This will be accomplished through our 10 Module Course. We work individually or through schools/organizations that are associated with students.
  2. Coaching/Training/Developing Leaders & Executives to Achieve Bottom Line Results. Through our Course & Coaching, we help answer the Questions: How does your company positively change the world? How does your company make the world a better place? What is it about your company that's so inspiring that people would want to work for it for free if they could?

Accredited Activities:

  • Everyday Leadership

Who Should Attend:

  • Students: Any School or Organization that has an interest in observing their students and increasing their future development designed to build resilience and leadership in the lives of their students.
  • Adults: Any Owner/Manager interested in changing the culture of their employees & company.

Further Information: