Circle of Excellence Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 22121

Category: Business Consulting, Business Professionals, Business Skills, Coaching Programmes & Solutions, Communication/Presentation, CPD Providers, Leadership and Management, Management, Marketing & Advertising, Professional Speakers, Sales


The Circle of Excellence Group has been providing consulting, education and live events for entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and speakers since 2006 in over 50 countries globally.

 We give entrepreneurs tools and techniques to become sustainable conscious leaders in their field and to assist them to become market influencers. Many of our clients are award winners in their field or authors.

Accredited Activities:

  • Circle Of Excellence 13 Week Course
  • Marketing And Sales Event
  • Bali Business School
  • Worldwide Business Intelligence
  • Global Expert Institute Accreditation Course
  • Mind Mastery
  • Circle Of Excellence Hub
  • Global Intelligence Update

Who Should Attend:

All of our courses are applicable to Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Coaches and Speakers.

Further Information: