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At Cognition Training Ltd, we believe that all professionals across our industry – from piercers and tattooists, to hairdressers, beauty therapists and more – should have training and educational tools that have been created specially for them. Designed and curated by a team of experts across all fields, our tailormade online seminars and tutorials are the answer to your training needs, taking into account the individual requirements, skills and accreditations that are relevant to each body art profession. We aim to inspire curiosity through our passion for education, knowledge and the pursuit of innovation within the body art industries.

Accredited Activities:

  • Blood-Bourne Virus Biosafety Training

Who Should Attend:

This course is aimed at professional piercers and all those working within the studio environment. The information is also relevant to anyone working in similar industries such as tattooing, hairdressing, beauty therapy or aesthetics as well as the broader healthcare sector. In this blood-borne virus biosafety training, we will be delivering UK-specific information and legislation from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) as well as other UK-based organisations. We will cover all aspects of staying safe in the studio when it comes to blood-borne viruses, from personal protective equipment to specific pathogens you will come across while working as a piercer. We have included the term “biosafety” as it refers to the use of specific practices, safety equipment and specially designed buildings to ensure that workers, the community and the environment are protected from accidental exposure or unintentional release of infectious agents, toxins and other biological hazards.

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