CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21883

Category: Coaching Programmes & Solutions, Health & Safety, Security

Description: is a personal security training consultancy created in 2018 to provide and deliver accredited training for personnel employed within security, public, education sectors and military personnel. The benefits from our training are quite straightforward: they offer a more effective and efficient way of managing your staff’s exposure to personal physical threat. This is particularly relevant where that exposure cannot be eliminated; and is supplementary to their existing training.

Training Method

Our programmes offer friendly humane self-defence training with methods and skills drawn from military and martial art cultures around the world.  The training emphasis is on self-preservation rather than self-perfection but the paradox of learning to deal with people humanely is that students must first be willing to fight inhumanely.

Our Aim

At the aim is to provide frontline civilian staff with the necessary skills and methods to give them a fighting chance whilst delivering professional services to some of the more challenging members of the public.

Training Delivery 

We offer a professional yet friendly service teaching a range of skills and concepts which encompass personal safety, security, and self-defence to members of the public, public services as well as serving military personnel.  We cater for all levels of fitness and ability from beginners to advanced.

We have the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to develop bespoke training to suit the individual requirements of individual service agencies.  We would seek to conduct a Training Needs Analysis of the challenges faced by public services personnel, management, and front-line staff, and build a programme that addresses both normal and challenging situational scenarios.  All training programmes will include theory and practical elements, addressing:

  1. Awareness and personal safety (Vulnerability)
  2. Fitness and personal well-being (Capability)
  3. Situational judgement (Decision-Making)
  4. The law (Legal Limitations)
  5. Risk assessments (Situational judgement)
  6. Personal safety (Verbal/Visual Cues)
  7. Applying safe and effective restraint methods (Safeguarding) training staff do not discriminate on the grounds of age, sex, colour, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, or physical disability.

Let strengthen your staff training. Courses can be tailored to your requirement and offer flexible timetabling. We pride ourselves on delivering truly unbiased training services to our clients.

Accredited Activities:

Combatives360 consists of 10 units, which can be taught in whole or taught in bite-size individual units depending on our client’s needs.

  • Unit 1 – Battle Space Management
  • Unit 2 – Rhino Matrix
  • Unit 3 – Clinch
  • Unit 4 – Ground Fighting
  • Unit 5 – Mass attack
  • Unit 5 – Edged/Impact Weapons
  • Unit 6 – Firearms
  • Unit 7 – First Aid
  • Unit 8 – Law
  • Unit 9 – Environmental Awareness

*All units must be completed to receive C360 CPD certification

Who Should Attend:

Anyone from the security, public and education sectors and military personnel.

Further Information: