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CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 70020

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Every year Dale Howarth presents his ‘Practical Lessons for better Business’ lectures and talks to thousands of people across the UK, Mainland Europe and North America, from those attending conferences and business events to students within academic institutions or teams within a business.

As an Accredited CPD Speaker Dale’s adds value through high-quality practical content, professionally delivered. Content uniquely combined from over 50 practical lessons and tailored to suit the objectives of an event and duration of presentation slot. An approach that ensures each talk remains unique, motivational, relevant and fully engaging for any audience. All carefully tailored by Dale to suit any event, business or student group.

Accredited Activities:

Dale Howarth is an accredited speaker with the CPD Standards Office.

‘Practical Lessons for Better Business’

Helping boost a company’s profits with practical lessons that help a business to outsell, outmarket, and outperform the competition.

Each presentation tailored by Dale from over 50 practical lessons; to suit the objectives of an event and duration of presentation slot. Lessons include:

  • There’s always more toothpaste in the tube
  • What’s in a name?
  • Breaking up is hard to do
  • Little steps that lead to BIG change
  • The truth about competition
  • Making a great first impression
  • Innovation is critical to business success

Dale’s booklet ‘Practical Lessons for Better Business’ Volume 1 is available as a value-added handout and workbook ISBN 978-1-78808-872-5

Who Should Attend:

‘Practical Lessons for Better Business’ provides motivational and thought-provoking content to address key issues and overcome barrier to change and success in business and is suitable for:

  • Team Development Workshops
  • Lectures at Places or Learning
  • Business Conferences and Events
  • Business Networking Events

Presentations can be tailored to suit a 15-minute short-talk to full-day workshop lecture.

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