Eva Mantzourani

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 2115947

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Category: Coaching Programmes & Solutions, Communication/Presentation, Education & Training Centres, Personal & Professional Development


Company, established in 2015:

“Ithaca Academic Coaching and Mentoring”

I offer bespoke academic coaching and mentoring, and career and life coaching to scholars, students, academic staff and other professionals in the world of education. Specifically, I help them enhance their self-awareness and self-advancement, deal with the challenges they face, and support them to establish strategies, generate solutions to problems and take ownership of their actions through goal-oriented development. I equip students with tools and skills that they may wish to take into their professional and personal lives, and I empower them to express themselves with confidence. I encourage individuals to be responsible and accountable for their actions and decisions and to embrace and optimize opportunities to create positive change for them, and the people around them, that will lead to a more fulfilling life.

Accredited Activities:

Dr Eva Mantzourani is an accredited coach with the CPD Standards Office, specialising in:

  • Coaching
  • NLP
  • Education
  • Communication/Presentation

Who Should Attend:

My service offers both academic coaching and mentoring and career and life coaching, predominantly, to individuals in the world of education – scholars, students, teachers, lecturers, and other professionals within education – both in the UK and abroad.

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