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E-Mastery Academy is an online learning platform in Arabic, specializing in marketing, management, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Founded in 2017 by Thabet Hajazi and Sahel Mahdi, Mastery Academy aims to provide a rich educational experience for Arab youth using modern scientific methods and tools.

We believe that everyone could make a distinct impact and lead change in their family, community, or the world at large. Therefore, Mastery Academy strives to provide valuable knowledge in professional and practical life for Arab youth through interactive online education, which opens new avenues towards success.

We offer a wide range of training courses on our platform to help entrepreneurs, managers, freelancers, and even employees plan their paths and master new skills. We consider e-learning to be a wonderful opportunity to empower Arab youth by providing high-quality education.

Mastery Academy encourages and motivates management, leadership, and entrepreneurship experts in the Arab world to enrich Arabic educational content online and share their experiences, knowledge, and skills through systematic training courses to inspire Arab youth and teach them modern methods and techniques through the platform.

Vision: We strive diligently and sincerely to become the leading platform in Arabic online education to empower Arab youth.

Mission: We inspire and educate Arab youth to improve their skills and develop an entrepreneurial mindset, enabling them to launch their emerging projects through e-learning.

Accredited Activities:

This provider is currently undergoing accreditation.

Who Should Attend:

1. Aspiring entrepreneurs aiming to launch successful ventures and navigate the complexities of business management. Our courses cover essential topics such as strategic planning, financial management, and marketing strategies, providing participants with the necessary skills to thrive in today’s competitive market.
2. Managers and team leaders seeking to enhance their leadership capabilities and drive organizational success. Through our leadership development courses, participants will learn effective communication techniques, and decision-making skills to inspire and motivate their teams towards achieving common goals.
3. Individuals interested in personal development and self-improvement. Our range of personal effectiveness courses covers topics such as time management, stress reduction, and goal setting, equipping participants with practical tools and techniques to enhance their productivity and well-being in both their personal and professional life.
4. Sales professionals looking to refine their selling skills, whether they’re beginners or experienced practitioners. Our sales training programs focus on effective sales techniques, customer relationship management, and negotiation strategies to help participants achieve their sales targets and drive revenue growth.
5. Human resources professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and skills in HR management. Our HR training courses cover various HR functions, including recruitment, training and development, performance management, and employee relations, empowering participants to excel in their HR roles and contribute to organizational success.
6. Customer service professionals aiming to enhance their customer service skills and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Our customer service training programs focus on communication skills, problem-solving techniques, and customer relationship management to help participants meet and exceed customer expectations.
– Small and medium-sized (SMEs) business owners.
– Entrepreneurs in various profitable fields.
– Marketing and sales managers.
– Marketing officers in non-profit organizations.
– Designers (internal, graphic, fashion, industrial, etc.).
– Architects.
– Beginners and novices in fashion drawing.
– Those looking to professionalize and expand in the field of fashion drawing.
– Those looking to develop a business and work in the field of fashion drawing.
– Those seeking employment in the fashion drawing field as professionals.
– Those looking to open restaurants.
– Restaurant management team members.
– Restaurant investors.
– Restaurant owners and cafe owners.
– Direct managers.
– Supervisors.
– Human resource management directors.
– Human resource management performance assessment officers.
– All officials and those whose job requires employee performance assessment.
– Business owners.
– Human resource management specialists.
– Those who know that their passion in life, and the most distinctive thing about them, and the most possible thing they can live and excel in, is providing assistance and psychological and moral support to others and that personal development in general, and coaching in particular, is their real contribution to life, such as experts, consultants, trainers, life coaches, guides, educators, preachers, therapists, and specialists.
Those who deal with or are responsible for employees or the public in their work, such as entrepreneurs, businessmen, CEOs, board members, leaders, managers, supervisors, department heads, and front office employees in the fields of human resources, marketing, sales, and reception.
Those dealing with or responsible for individuals and everyone who wants to develop their skills and performance and the skills and performance of others around them, whether a husband, wife, father, mother, brother, sister, friend, or student.
– Human resource management employees and practitioners.
– Executive managers.
– Supply chain/procurement/supply chain employees.
– All employees and workers in the logistics services field.
– Warehouse managers and staff.
– Purchasing managers and staff.
– Warehouse managers and custodians.
– Quality managers for services.
– Industrial engineers.
– Production managers and supervisors.
– Transportation and distribution managers and staff.
– Information technology directors.
– Information technology engineers.
– Information technology technicians.
– All information technology students.
– All telecommunications, computer, and network engineering students.
– Board chairmen.
– Department managers.
– Strategic planning managers.
– Strategic office workers.
– Small and medium-sized project owners.
– Government agency managers and large industrial institutions.
– Public administration managers, department managers, and section heads.
– Senior management directors.
– Board chairman.
– General manager.
– Managing Director.
– Executive director.
– Marketing managers.

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